Saturday, February 3, 2018

Keep learning

There are things in life that only experience can teach you. No matter how many hours of training you have, nothing compares to that unique feeling of seeing a message like the one below in a production database:

Rows deleted

Particularly if you were expecting to delete just one or two rows. I've been there too, trying to recover the latest backup as fast as possible because the company was losing thousands of euros every minute. I learned the hard way that production databases are a sanctuary and no script can run without a transaction. This seems obvious today, but not when you just graduated and you’re under stress. No training can give you the adrenaline of hammering IIS 6 metabase in a live production front-end. Project management in real life with customers is far more funny than theory tells you, and MSProject is actually far more weird when used on a daily basis. All these wounds have healed and made me much better today, no doubt. And all were valuable lessons and great stories. However, you cannot discard the value of class training for two very important reasons.


Be the best: I graduated in Computer Science. After 4 years working, I started having Project Management tasks. It’s a common progress, from IT to management. However, I felt I needed more than just “be thrown to the sharks”. So, I grabbed 10k€ and went all in for Project Management (an entire year, I would go to work at 9a.m., out at 6p.m. and non-stop until 11p.m., not counting group work and all those things. Oh, and family, friends, life…). Next, I felt I still lacked negotiation skills (dealing with customers or even day-to-day negotiation is crucial), so, I spent another 3k to further understand important topics. Last year I felt I wanted to further enhance my leadership skills. So, another 3k and I went in search of some extra guidance. What I’m saying is: there’s a lot of things experience can’t teach you. Go for the extra mile. It was expensive, but fun. Your career, your responsibility. Why not?

Networking: This is something that amazed me. While graduating, everyone was looking into the same: computer science. When working in a consulting firm, the customers where from a limited scope: banking, insurance, telco. However, in these post-graduations, I got people that sold diamonds, insurance companies CIO’s, a guy that has an olive oil company, a CTO of a big pharmaceutical company, everything. People with civil engineering background, marketing… So, not only you get the official training, but all the connections and extra experiences. Priceless. By the way, that’s why I picked 3 different schools.

So, while experience will teach you the hard lessons, training is an investment in yourself, will boost your development and give you different perspectives.

Be a teacher, be a student.
(ignore the branding, the message is awesome)