Monday, December 19, 2016

Sex is easy. Love is hard.

My career is not going as I expected. It really isn't. When I graduated I thought "I would like to have my own company. But for now, I better have some real world experience. Plan: I'll work one year at a company, jump to another after another year and so on until I get tired. It's the best way to get experience and make more money". So, my first job was in a small software company. I was working 15 hours a day, doing project management, visiting clients and developing at the same time. VB6 and ASP.NET 1.1 with VisualBasic.NET. Argh... I survived for 1 year just because I was too proud to quit. But I couldn't keep on like that forever. It was easy to quit, no regrets. Like sex. So, sticking to the plan: next! Bad luck. I fell in love with that company. It was one of the best places to work ever. I thought of leaving several times, but I was just too in love with it. I stayed for as long as I could. 6 years! I had a really great time working there.

Well, it's the future that needs oxygen, so, lets move forward. Back to the plan. In business, "always leave your emotions at the door".

Sex is easy, Love is hard

So, I though: The next is it. I'll be there 2 years and done. "No love, just sex!" Guess what? I'm screwed! Two years have gone by and I'm starting to love this company. It's unique in so many ways, it's just from another world! So much for my plan...

But I'm fine with it. Sex is easy. Anyone can do it. Love is hard.
Love what you do. Love the company your work for.