Sunday, October 9, 2016

Low-code mobile app development

I admit. I was skeptical when I first saw OutSystems. I was a recent graduate and I was a code freak. Looking at that "low code", drag-a-ball kind of doing things was weird for me. So, I ran away from it in those days. I wanted to code and code and code. I'm now the complete opposite. As you get more and more real world experience, there's one sentence that gets really tattooed all over your brain:

"Technology is just a means to an end."

It truly is. It's fun to code, I love it. But, nowadays, I just want to give life to my ideas. I'm not interested in how the CLR manages memory and uses the heap or stack depending on the underlying type of...! I want my idea to become real. I want people to use my apps! And this is the part where I became an OutSystems fan. I just love it. It is the ultimate best low-code platform ever if your focus is results! With OutSystems, your ideas don't stay just on your dreams! And it's still fun to code.


OutSystems 10 is out. And it brings Mobile apps to a new level. Check what's new and get some ideas here. Also, check the Awesome Demo of OutSystems 10 at the NextStep.