Friday, September 23, 2016

Building iOS apps without a Mac

Have you ever though "Now I'll need a Mac to build my new App and put it in the AppStore... damn!". Well, in a recent project we needed Macs to build our customer's applications without the need for everyone to have a mac. It's a kind of "build as a service". The customer provides all the info to build an iOS app and the result is an IPA file ready to publish to the Apple Store. How? Welcome to "Mac Clouds".


"Mac Clouds" are, just it says, macs you can have in the Cloud. After a thorough analysis, we chose MacStadium. The name might sound "funny" the first time you hear it, but the work they do is great. They have lots of services, but we just use them as a "Mac Cloud Provider". It's really easy to setup and use. Does this post sound like I'm selling them? Well, I AM! The last year working with them has been a truly great experience. What they have to offer, the availability and, above all, the support is just everything you would expect from a really 5 star service.

Did you know that OutSystems uses MacStadium as a cloud provider? Check the full article here: