Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Let’s make it legendary... Are you in?

This blog has 8 years (!) and I have never written a post that mentioned where I work. So, this is the first personalized professional post ever! And I do it because I've gotten to a point in my life where I believe it's really worth it. Really. Why? Simple. I'm from the Mobile Team and we are hiring. It's that simple. It is! I'm looking for people that WANT to do something from another world!

"Big deal. Everyone says the same. There are 3724 recruiters that sent me a message on LinkedIn saying they have exciting projects."

True. But I'm no recruiter. I'm just part of the best team ever! It's not the perfect team, but we are the best! I'm here, publicly stating that I love what I do at OutSystems. I'm screaming out loud that what we do is monumental, sensational, absolutely mind blowing! Sounds crazy? It's not!

So, challenge accepted? Let's make it legendary... Just drop a message to me on LinkedIn.
Tech to Tech! Come work with me!

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Disclaimer: No, I don't have stocks from OutSystems. But I do get to do magic that most people in the world cannot do...