Friday, April 1, 2016

The Talkdesk example

Talkdesk is a Portuguese startup that, in essence, provides a cloud-based call center software. One of the co-founders, Cristina Fonseca, did a quick interview to TechCrunch. If you look at that interview carefully, you'll notice she gives lots of hints on what's it like to be an entrepreneur:

"Build a prototype in 10 days" (MVP concept)
"We received good feedback"
"Here's an opportunity we never thought of"
"We were naive enough to take the challenge"
"Disruptive companies"
"We would pick up the phone at any time"
"Not because we assumed it, but because we had to"
"You do what you have to do at the beginning"
"We did a lot of mistakes"

You can see the complete interview below. It’s worth it: