Thursday, December 17, 2015

The moment I knew I had to join OutSystems R&D

OutSystems Team
I can split into two moments, actually. But let me give you some context before I dig in:

It was the summer of 2014, I was in my 6th year working for a magical, unbelievable, amazing, awesome and mind blowing company. I had the company's DNA and the company's culture in my blood. I wanted to be the best. My confidence levels were sky high! So, I wasn't looking for a new challenge. Having said that, one of the clients I worked with had a huge OutSystems factory and I started working with the OutSystems Platform. I even wrote a couple of Posts (here and here) about best practices I was witnessing. Those experiences made me respect OutSystems and brought up the doubt: "I wonder how it's like to work there". Again, I wasn't looking for a new challenge.

But, that summer, the VP of Engineering invited me for a chat. I couldn't resist. I was too curious. And that was the first moment where I felt I wanted to be OutSystems. They made me feel special, the approach was different, informal, relaxed. Throughout the entire conversation I felt respected and I greatly admire the person that talked to me. After that conversation I accepted the recruiting process. The final step of that process was an interview with the VP of Product Management. Again, after an hour or so of a really cool interview he starts drawing something like this on the board and asked "how are you in this scale right now?":

Identity Overlap

And that was it! Right there it made the click. This was an image from a blog post about Identity Overlap I had written months before the interview. He took the time to read it, he was interested in it and, most important, he found the right path to reach me. He knew I was an emotional person that embraces challenges with a passionate side. No doubt, I felt really wanted. And not 'wanted' because they could have a good financial Return On Investment with me, but 'wanted' to be part of a team! To add value to a team!

And that's exactly how the OutSystems makes you feel at the R&D: special, unique, important. Part of an oiled team that does something big! And perfection is not enough around here.

After this I admit that the decision was still not easy. I tried to gather as much information as I could, I talked with some people I knew that already worked at OutSystems (their feedback was invaluable). In the end, I couldn't resist the challenge. I still love the company that I grew with for 6 years, but the OutSystems R&D is from another world. I'm proud to be part of that world today.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Celebrate success as much as you can

I know what you're thinking:

"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey."

We've all heard this a thousand times and, in some way, it's true. I've enjoyed every single fight I had in my life to get me where I am today. I like the challenge, I'm addicted to the adrenaline of having to outperform myself. But:

"Lets face it: like it or not, the results are all that matter. If you "attempt" to take out the trash but only make it to your front hall, garbage will continue to accumulate in your home – and you'll have a problem. Quit patting yourself on the back for trying and save your rewards for actual accomplishment. Be hard on yourself until you get real results, not efforts!"

And this is also true. And that's why I celebrate "like a madman". It's that "work hard, play hard" music. Whenever I hit a milestone, I celebrate. Champagne, good wine, good laughs, best friends. Share with the world. The ones that matter will congratulate you and enjoy your success. Your team will also like you to succeed because your success is their success and their success is also your success. And it's like Feedback theory: maximize the effect of positive results, minimize negative results. Say all the negative stuff once, propagate good news throughout time. I'm not saying to ignore failure (failing is important), just to be really happy with success.

So, celebrate as hard as you can!

César Afonso Católica SBE