Monday, November 30, 2015

Go buy a book!

I don't usually take time just to read, I usually read when I have free time (e.g.: waiting in the car for someone, at the beach, etc). Also, I hate PDF books. When I was only a student, I had no choice but to read PDFs, but now whenever I like a book I just buy it (here's my bookshelf). There's nothing like that "touch" of paper and the smell of a printed book. Furthermore, I feel that nowadays people don't take enough time away from the digital world to relax and do other activities. Everything is on Google. So, here's my "Christmas suggestions" for you:

It is the ultimate best book ever. Truly. No words to describe it, it's a master piece. Just a few dollars and you'll get invaluable knowledge about how your brain works. It will change the way you interact with others around you on every situation. Here's an example: Priming effect.

I wrote about this book in the past. Although I'm not a fan of the author, I have to admit that the book is really good. It's motivational, every single time I read a couple a pages I just want to close it immediately and start working.

This book is in Portuguese (pt-PT). It's a more "hard to read" book. However, I do recommend it because small negotiations play a significant role in our day to day life. When we buy a new car, when we buy everything on the supermarket, when we negotiate with the others around us.

Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to email me some (contacts on the side)