Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Free beer is an investment

I don't get those old school managers that think "everything that's non-billable is an expense". I can understand that it can be seen that way by the people in the accounting department, but as for management it's a totally outdated and obsolete way of thinking.

Free beer

Free beer for your team members on a Friday afternoon after work is an invaluable team building moment. It's not an expense: it's a really cheap investment. Highly motivated teams don't come from the sky: they are built from the ground up! And all the team building activities you can think of, whether it's beer, karting, paintball, team games, tennis, ping-pong, you name it, are often very cheap ways to create a team and not having just a group of individuals.

For those Project Managers out there it's simple: include all the team building activities in your plan (time, resources, whatever).