Friday, October 30, 2015

You're the expert!

We've all been there: those end users trying to explain what they really want. They have requirements that, in some cases, even they cannot explain or understand. They want something, they just don't really know what they want. Something like this:

You're the expert!

Well, you're the expert. You're expected to do the impossible.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Free beer is an investment

I don't get those old school managers that think "everything that's non-billable is an expense". I can understand that it can be seen that way by the people in the accounting department, but as for management it's a totally outdated and obsolete way of thinking.

Free beer

Free beer for your team members on a Friday afternoon after work is an invaluable team building moment. It's not an expense: it's a really cheap investment. Highly motivated teams don't come from the sky: they are built from the ground up! And all the team building activities you can think of, whether it's beer, karting, paintball, team games, tennis, ping-pong, you name it, are often very cheap ways to create a team and not having just a group of individuals.

For those Project Managers out there it's simple: include all the team building activities in your plan (time, resources, whatever).

Monday, October 5, 2015

Javascript can be funny

Here's Some "cool stuff" Javascript can do for you (execution results are in comments):

Javascript magic

For someone used to Javascript this might seem normal, but it does sound weird to me. Why? Here's the "rationale" (or not).

JavaScript Like It's 2013 (OutSystems)

Here's the full presentation at OutSystems Next Step 2013.