Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's unique about Shark Tank (US)

I love Shark Tank (US). Until this show, I was only addicted to one TV Series in my entire life: It was the 90's, a series called Seinfeld (a name inherited from one of it's creators, a genius man by the name of Jerry Seinfeld). There's a big difference from Seinfeld to Shark Tank: while the first was a TV Series written by geniuses and cannot be replicated across countries or cultures, Shark Tank is actually replicable. The format is just the materialization of something that happens everyday: entrepreneurs pitch investors. And it happens everywhere around the world.

So, in Canada you have Dragons Den, in the US there's Shark Tank, and in Portugal we'll have Shark Tank too. As a marketplace of ideas, they all work great. If you just want to see ideas, then your time is well spent watching either one. However, there's one thing that you won't get anywhere else but the American Shark Tank: The entertainment show. It's just something that the Americans are really good at: setting up a Hollywood production. And that's why Dragons Den is miles away from Shark Tank as an entertainment show. And that's why the Portuguese version won't be as amazing as the US version. It will be good to see ideas and how entrepreneurs materialized those ideas, but as an entertainment show, I'm out!

Don't agree? Take a look at the Shark Tank's Top Secret Gag Reel below.