Wednesday, August 20, 2014

throw new TooManyAndroidStudioHeadachesException();

I swear I tried! I gave it an honest shot. But it just keeps on stressing me out. At first, it was that "Gradle mix" that was explosive for me, but now even the IDE "blew up". In just a couple of days, all this is hurting my efficiency. I spend too much time fiddling with the IDE rather than focusing on what matters.

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I hope that in a near future the Android Studio does come a big hit. I really hope it improves in the future because we need it as a reference IDE. For now, however:

throw new TooManyAndroidStudioHeadachesException("Back To Eclipse");

(The article applies to the Beta versions of Android Studio)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Give them what they REALLY want!

So you just had a long hard week of stressing work. You're exhausted, it's Friday night and you decide to go to a fancy restaurant to relax with a friend. Sitting at the restaurant, while enjoying a glass of wine, the waiter comes in and asks for your order. You're in a mood for risotto and you decide to go for the salmon risotto. The waiter takes your order and leaves while you keep enjoying your wine and the company of your friend. So far, so good!

But then the chef comes out of the kitchen to your table and says: "Hello. You've asked for the salmon risotto right?" You nod affirmatively. The chef continues: "Well, the risotto takes a while and must be prepared at a special temperature. Have you ever cooked risotto? It has its tricks. Let's do something: I'll go in the kitchen and gather the ingredients while you wash your hands and we'll meet in the kitchen in a while ok?"

How would you react? The Chef wants you to cook?
Awkward moment. After all, you took the option of going to the restaurant knowing it would be more expensive than if you were to cook the same meal at home. You took the option of paying more for the atmosphere, the convenience. If you wanted to cook your own risotto, you'd do it at home.

So, the point is: although it's common to say "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", this is not true for every occasion. Sometimes, the man just wants the fish. Sometimes, the client just REALLY wants the fish.

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The cooking example was adapted from the book $100 Startups