Monday, June 9, 2014

Why OutSystems grabbed my attention

Before I start, let me state 2 things. When I mention OutSystems, I'm:

  – Referring to the OutSystems Platform and not to the company itself;
  – Ignoring they have a Java version. Never used it.

Having said that, although in my day-to-day tasks I'm naturally moving away from the hard development, I like writing code. I'm that guy that likes to be awake at 4 a.m. when everything is quiet and develop stuff just for fun or personal use. Go figure! I have a huge passion for the .NET Framework and C# is just a beautiful, well-structured language. Add an outstanding IDE like Visual Studio and you get the point: It's (almost) a perfect world! So, going to a higher level of abstraction where you're not so focused on code but more on business logic was not an easy jump. But I jumped. I now acknowledge that I enjoy working with OutSystems. And there's one simple reason why OutSystems was able to gain my "respect": It just works! That's a huge compliment. And I'm far from being an OutSystems expert.

Some of the programming languages and technologies we work with look like they were designed by Psychologists in order to stress test you. Some try to be cool (and don't work at all), others are way too complicated for what they're worth, lots of others just aren't useful for most case scenarios and there's even the ones that fit in the "Rubiks Cube" for human logic: Insane! Why on earth is this even considered as acceptable? Who architected this? Who implemented it? Why do people use this?

OutSystems fits in the VisualStudio & .NET bag: It's intuitive, it's well designed, it's well architected, it's well implemented. OutSystems is an easy learn with outstanding capabilities. It's built on top of the ASP.NET and that's an invaluable boost because it leverages all the brilliant stuff you have in the .NET Framework and takes it to a new "speed" level.

Although OutSystems is not "for geeks" (far away from being), it just feels like VisualStudio: "Developed by developers for developers". Technology is just a means to an end, but there are some technologies that I like more than others. OutSystems is in the good ones!

The focus now is on Cloud and Mobile. You can try it for free, check the OutSystems WebSite.