Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The not so good Android Studio

Repeating myself, I'm a Microsoft Technologies fan. Love PHP, MySQL and so on, but I admit my core is Microsoft. Nevertheless, technology is just "a means to an end" and I don't mind working with other techs. By now, Android world is very attractive to me. A couple of months ago I went back to eclipse, something I haven't touched since graduating. I'm not a big fan of eclipse. I'm a Visual Studio fanatic. It's almost the perfect IDE. I feel like it's very focused, totally oriented to efficiency and efficacy. It feels like it was developed by developers for developers. From all the tools I've worked so far, it's a 10 out of 10!

So, going back to eclipse felt strange to me. But OK... Yesterday I finally got the time to install Android Studio. I was excited: an alternative to the typical Eclipse, NetBeans and so on. I thought "a focused IDE to Android development". But no. It feels pretty much "eclipse" to me. In the very first run it even "blew up" (Gradle Exception).

I know that my opinion is "biased" and that these big players don't like to replicate ideas, but this is a case where it should be shamelessly copied. So, not keen to Android Studio for now. There are a couple of "VS Android" attempts out there, I'll be trying some of them in a near future if I get the time. Check them out (usefull links):

(The article applies to the Beta versions of Android Studio)