Thursday, December 26, 2013

Identity overlap

Have you ever stopped to think why on earth do you remain so much time in a job? Why are you faithful to a company or brand? Is it the money? Is it the challenge? Stability? Ego?

Several studies indicate that the more you relate with the company the better you perform. Taking on the study by Bergami and Bagozzi (2000) about Self-identity versus Group Identity, take a look at the picture below. How related are you to your company? How many self characteristics map to characteristics from your enterprise?

(click to enlarge)

Just like everything in life, the edges can be dangerous if you're not conscious of where you stand and you don't know how to take advantage of that "position". For instance, if you're at "Level 0", you certainly should have changed job a long time! The other edge is a cautionary one. You might LOVE the company, the job, everything is perfect. But what if tomorrow something goes wrong? Will it be like a fallen marriage? What if someone offers you an obscene amount of money? Will it be passion over money?

Nevertheless, I like the "Level 7" edge.
Feel it! Believe in it! Love it! Give everything. Get Involved!
If one day you no longer feel the job, change what's wrong! Change the job, change yourself or change job! It's like running or a soccer match: You may only stand for 30 minutes, but give it all in those 30 minutes. If you can only breathe for 20, cool: die on those 20, but give it all you got!